Phase Contrast Microscopy

phase contrast microscopy

A phase-contrast microscope makes it possible for us to educate our patients about the nature and intensity of their periodontal disease by allowing them to view the live, aggressive micro-organisms which are contributing to their periodontal disease breakdown. Once the bacteria is viewed, our patients are highly motivated to accept comprehensive periodontal care.

We continue to visually engage our patients throughout their treatment program via microscopic evaluation. Ultimately, they are able to view for themselves the success of our combined efforts.

We continue to monitor our patients’ periodontal stability at each periodontal maintenance visit.

Pease Note : None of the phase contrast microscopic evaluations are diagnostic. These are meant to monitor treatment considerations and patient motivation.

Videos courtey to the respective speakers.

Healthy Mouth Plaque Under a Phase Contrast Microscope

Almost no motile organisms

Periodontal Disease Plaque under a Phase Contrast Mircroscope

Increased motile organisms and spirochetes in Periodontal Disease

Spirochetes in Periodontal Disease

Plaque under a Phase  Contrast Microscope AFTER TREATMENT